About Us


It brings me immense joy to unveil “The Spiral Staircase”.

My name is Christina McCue Hoek, a proud resident of Tampa, FL for over 30 years, and a devoted mother of two. For the past four years, I’ve been dreaming about creating a wonderful place tailored especially for families, and in particular, mothers. A place where, amid our demanding busy lives, moms can escape for a moment to refresh, re-energize, and connect back with ourselves all while knowing our children are safe and happy.

The Spiral Staircase is not only a commitment to nurturing mothers but, it is also our mission to support local, women-led businesses. Beyond the tranquility and enjoyment, we will have many opportunities such as vendor memberships, markets to showcase our local businesses, and a mentorship to assist those moms looking to expand and start their businesses.

Under our roof, you can truly find all of the things you need and want. Enjoy express spa services, dive into fun and educational activities for both kids and families, experience a curated shopping journey, indulge in the comforting embrace of wine and coffee, and partake in events so unique, you won’t find their like anywhere else in Tampa.

It’s time we shake Tampa up and give our families what we have been missing. Join me and many others in changing Tampa for the better.

Warm regards,

Coffee & Wine Bar • Currated Classes Supervised Playtime • Children’s Activities Meet Ups • Events • Festivities Beauty Services • & More!

At The Spiral Staircase, we cultivate a sanctuary of luxury and rejuvenation. Catering to the visionary women of Tampa, our retreat offers an empowering haven for mothers to reconnect, rediscover, and revitalize. Through rotating curated experiences and the finest vendors, we commit to fostering community, creativity, and comfort. Step into our world and ascend beyond the everyday.

Within our walls, the “Little Dreamer’s Den” awaits — a whimsical world where children can be safely entrusted to dream and play, granting mothers the peace to fully immerse in the upscale amenities we provide.

Our commitment is to create a sanctuary where every mother feels valued, understood, and free to be her best self.

Nestled within The Spiral Staircase’s enchanting domain, the “Little Dreamer’s Den” serves as a whimsical playground for young souls. It’s where fantasy intertwines with reality, providing children a sanctuary to dream, play, and imagine. As moms indulge in the opulence upstairs, they can find solace knowing their little ones are engrossed in the magical world of the Den below.